Deliver with SHOCAL
Getting Started
Upon completing the form below you will be contacted by a member of the Shocal team who will send you a couple of documents for you to read & sign along with a validation check. This process is normally completed within 24 hours.
Choosing your delivery areas
As we are expanding rapidly you will have a choice of which areas you wish to cover based on postal areas rather than the distance, by doing so deliveries are completed much faster, thus freeing you up to take on more jobs.
Flexible working
If you have free time and orders comes in you choose whether or not you wish to accept / decline. During peak times we may ask drivers their availability to book on to a rota, by doing so we can help guarantee jobs, bonuses & incentives.
Discover Shocal
Discover Shocal
Getting Paid
Drivers are paid on a weekly basis (every Tuesday)
  • Deliveries fees start from £3.50 Plus £1 per mile
  • When collecting from multiple places (near by) you get £1.00 per additional pickup
  • If you have to go redeliver an order or individual item(s) you will get another £3.50 on top
  • Peak times you will average £15-£20 per hour PLUS the above fees where applicable
  • You keep 100% of tips
Mobile Phone
Before you submit
  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • Own a car
  • Clean driving license with relevant insurance
  • Have a smartphone with iOS 12 / Android 6 or above
  • You are required to complete your Self Assessments Tax returns
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